Dairy in Fleishig Oven

Question: I returned from a vacation to fact that our houseguest cooked two milkich cakes (liquid batter) and then one small pan of milkich muffins (also liquid batter) in our fleishik oven. Some of the stuff in new alum tins and some in pareve muffin tins.

The oven is an Aino Ben Yomo fleishik. Normal stains on bottom of oven and some small charred type stuff. My wife cautions that the spills and residue were almost positively pareve kugels and stuff that spilled over, but may have been cooked at the very same time as chicken (doubt it was red meat). Does we poskin lemaaseh that the charred stuff counts? I do not believe either time there was 60 keneged the residue, even worse if we count stains.

  1. Is this considered to be a clean oven? then is it correct that the taam is lepagam and the food is ok? Will throw out the alum tins.
  2. Are muffin tins now milkich?]
  3. Do I need to kasher back to fleishik? ] oven is a self-clean but is broken and cannot get above 345 degrees. how do I do so?
  4. If oven is considered to be meluchlach, what does that mean lemaaseh?


The muffin pans and utensils to bake the dairy foods are all milchig. The aluminum tins are milchig and do not need to be thrown out. They do need to be toveled if they weren't already.

Technically your oven is still fleishig and nothing needs to be done. You can cook for shabbos and fleishig.

Nonetheless, I recommend to have the oven cleaned. Apply oven cleaner to the dirty spots in the oven and turn the oven on to the highest temperature (345 degrees) for an hour. This should be done 24 hours after the usage of milchig, which I'm sure has long passed in this case. (This chumra can be pushed off if necessary, particularly if it interferes with shabbos preparations, but it is best performed as soon as possible.)

Alternatively, if the oven cleaner is unavailable, or you do not wish to use it, you can apply bleach diluted with water to apply to the dirty spots. This kashering process is fine for the walls of the oven, but the racks which may directly contact your fleishig food cannot be kashered this way. In your situation, if you did not see any muffin batter on the racks you do not need to suspect that it dripped onto them and you can continue using the racks for fleishig.

BookID: 2 Chapter: 92

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