Soaking in fleishigs overnight

Question: We use plastic washing up bowls (meaty, milky, parve) and over Shabbos (from Friday
night until motzaei Shabbos) a pile of meaty things (properly meaty-dirty) was left,
in water, in the parve bowl by mistake. I don't know how hot any of them were when
put in the bowl. Would this have made the bowl meaty?

Answer:If the plastic bowl had actual meat residue soaking in water for 24 hour consecutive
hours, then the bowl is fleishig. You would need to have a substantial amount of
actual chicken or meat since if the volume of water was 60 times larger than the
volume of meat, the bowl is still pareve. You only count the meat that is within
the water, not that which was above the water line. This is true even if the chicken
and water were cold. You do not need to be concerned whether the chicken or water
was hot.

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