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Is 15 cups of flour enough to make a berochoh when taking challoh? It is 2 kilograms and a cup.


Fifteen cups is a volume measurement and a kilogram is a measurement of weight or mass. They are difficult to convert unless dealing with water.

Fifteen cups is equal to 3549 cc, which is less than the amount required for a berochoh.

The shiur is 43.2 eggs. An egg is not more than 50 cc, but poskim are concerned that the egg size may have shrunk by 50%. Thus we consider an egg to be 100 cc, which equals 4320 cc or 18.26 cups. This is accurate when the flour is not compacted, pressed or sifted into the container.

The common (but technically less accurate) way is to measure the shiur for challoh in kilograms or pounds: 2.25 kg or 4.96 US pounds of flour requires a berochoh. This depends, however, on the type of flour used. The flour marketed today tends to be heavier, so the relevant volume can range from 2.4 to 2.9 kg. Another factor to consider is whether whole wheat, white flour or a mixture is being used.

If you use at least 2016 cc, or 8.52 cups, of flour (this corresponds to an average egg of 46.67 cc) but less than 4320 cc, you should take challoh without a berochoh.

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