Upon the Doorposts of your…Nursery?

Question: Can I change the baby on the couch near the seforim?


You can change a baby near seforim. However, a mezuzah has greater holiness than printed seforim and you should not set up a diaper pail or changing table immediately opposite a mezuzah.[1] If a room is laid out with a changing table opposite a mezuzah in the doorway, it is best to post the mezuzah on the molding facing you as you enter the doorway instead of within the doorway.[2]

If the spot opposite the mezuzah where you want to change a diaper is not a permanent diaper-changing location, then it is sufficient to make certain that the parchment of the mezuzah has a cover over it.[3]. A transparent (glass or even plastic wrap) covering is sufficient for this purpose.[4]

These halachos pertain to kisvei kodesh (i.e., portions of the Tanach written in accordance with halocho on parchment), not to printed seforim found in a living room.[5]

BookID: 2 Chapter: 286

[1] פת''ש יו''ד רפ''ו סק''ז.

[2] עה''ש יו''ד רפ''ו סי''א ורפ''ט סי''ד.

[3] יו''ד רפ''ו ס''ה.

[4] או''ח סימן ע''ו.

[5] כך שמעתי ממו''ר הרה''ג ר' שלמה פישר שליט''א וכן משמע ממש''כ הש''ך רפ''ו ס''ק י''א.

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