Chocolate Wafer Berochoh


Certain chocolate bars have a tiny bit of wafer inside but are mostly chocolate. Often the first bite is just chocolate (yummy!) and only afterwards do you hit the wafer. Is the berochoh shehakol or mezonos?


The halachos of ikor and tafel are applicable when two or more foods are eaten together. If one ate the tafel before eating the ikor, one should make a separate berochoh on the tafel. It is actually not considered tafel in this circumstance, since it is being eaten alone and first.[1]

If, however, one made a berochoh on the ikor and ate both the ikor and tafel together, and there is a little tafel left with no ikor, one does not need to make a berochoh on the tafel, since under such circumstances it still retains its status as tafel. They are both being eaten together, regardless of whether every mouthful includes ikor.[2]

When one eats cereal and milk, for example, the milk enhances the cereal and no separate berochoh is recited on the milk, since it is considered tafel. Even when there is no cereal left and one finishes the milk in the bowl, no additional berochoh should be made.

Should one eat the whipped cream off a cake before eating any of the cake, a shehakol must be made. If one made a mezonos on the cake, ate cake with whipped cream, and then scooped some cream off the cake, one does not need to make a shehakol.

In your case, the wafer is mezonos and the grain part is always the ikor. However, if you bite just the chocolate and do not reach the wafer, the chocolate is an ikor and you must say shehakol. Thus, one needs to be careful when biting a candy bar to make sure he is either reaching the wafer or not reaching the wafer. If you do not know whether your first bite will have wafer in it it will impossible to know which berochoh to make.

BookID: 1 Chapter: 212

[1] עה''ש סימן רי''ב ס''ב.

[2] עיין מ''ב סימן קס''ח ס''ק מ''ו.

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