Women's Mincha


My wife finds it difficult to daven mincha every single day. She does it when she can, but that is usually only a few times a week. Does she have to do hatoras nedorim for this since she always davened mincha before our daughter was born?


In my opinion, women are obligated to daven Shacharis and Mincha (see Mishna Berura 106:4). Since hatoras nedorim applies only to a minhag tov that one wishes to stop, it is not relevant here. If davening is required, it is not a neder.

A post-partum woman who cannot daven due to her health or that of her infant, or any woman whose responsibilities prevent her from taking the time in the morning or afternoon to daven, may be exempt from davening as an oness. An oness does not have to do hatoras nedorim. The inability to comply with her obligation is merely a temporary situation.

BookID: 1 Chapter: 106

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