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Question: A fleishig plastic container was mistakenly put in the milchig sink (It was last used to microwave some parve hotdogs.) I made a cup of coffee with milk, stirred it with a metal spoon, and then threw the spoon in the sink. It landed in the fleishig container. Is it treif?

Answer:Everything is still kosher. Nothing could happen to the plastic container in the sink. The spoon may have absorbed milchig at one point but now it is to be considered an eino ben yomo, since all kitchen utensils have such a status unless you know for sure that is absorbed flavor in the past 24 hours. The fact that you used it for coffee doesn't change it's status. The hot water in the coffee mug is not considered yad soledes bo if it is drinkable. Even if the hot water is yad soledes bo, it is a kli sheni which doesn't have the power to draw flavor into the spoon. Even if the spoon was milchig from milk within the past 24 hours, it couldn't ruin the plastic container. It would need hot water (yad soledes bo) being heated in the plastic container to cause any problem.

BookID: 2 Chapter: 105

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