Women Bentching


According to the Gra, 3 women should bench with a mezumen right? But, wasn't the shita of the Gra that one person benches for everyone, how does that work when it comes to women?


According to the Vilna Gaon, 3 women should make a zimun and one should lead the bentshing while the other 2 listen carefully and answer Amen to all the brachos, until (al yechasreinu) in order to fulfill their responsibility. If there is concern that the listeners won't be paying attention to all the words and have intent to be yotzay then it is best for the women to say the bentshing themselves after the zimun is done. The first bracha is the most important for zimun, and at least for that bracha the leader should say it aloud while the others  say along quietly or in silence.

BookID: 1 Chapter: 199

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